Training for 13.1 (20)

Over the past two weeks my right knee has ailed me. I had to cease running twice, mere minutes into each fifteen minute recovery run as my knee lit up with pain. By the second time this happened, I wiped all runs for my schedule for the upcoming week as well as cancelled my reservations for upcoming Barry’s classes. I will not be able to run 13.1 yards let along 13.1 miles if I injure my knee.

I did not stop working out though. I took as many walks around the city that fit into my schedule. I went back to using the stationary bike and upped the ante with lifting light (three or five pound) weight throughout each hour. Planks or exercises in which I don’t have to exert my knees? Sign me up. Just because I need to rest my knee doesn’t mean I cannot work on noninvolved other muscle groups.

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