Last Year’s Cut-out Dress

Let it be known that I will wear something not from “this season” in a second in the case that it fits my style and I love it. This is rooted in that my aesthetic is very traditional. I do not want my future children to look at old photographs and critique what their mom is wearing; more so, I don’t want to look at old photographs and wonder what I was thinking. Some of my favorite clothing items are those presently hanging up in my closet that I had the foresight to purchase during high school or even from a thrift store.

J.Crew Factory jewelry finds

staying in the shadow

cut out back

bucket bag

J.Crew is great for achieving a classic look that I can feel confident will likely not look dated in one year or five years or ten years. I favor the J.Crew chambray dress in the post because not only does it have an A-line cut, but it has a back cut-out which remains on-trend, sets it apart, and allows for any standard bra. While last year’s version was available in a tall length, J.Crew Factory re-released a version; unfortunately like all J.Crew Factory, it is only available in their standard length. (J.Crew Factory also caught on to how popular the full size leather bucket bag was, and re-released it. J.Crew still has the mini-version in print and solids.)

Going forward with this blog, I will shamelessly wear items from any time between last year or twenty years ago, save for they are part of my classic aesthetic. In the age of fast and disposable fashion, there is something to be said about being about to incorporate an item into your wardrobe for the long term, which speaks to the quality of the garment and the ability of the brand to release a design that stands up against the test of time. Despite how much I splurged on a Banana Republic lightweight wool dress – which at the time seemed excessive for a seventeen year old – the price per wear fourteen years later is minimal and makes the purchase a steal.

sunglasses // sandals // cable cuff with gold and pearls // bucket bag


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