Going to the Dogs

My nephew Odie has been in my life since 2010. The Jack Russell / beagle mix was the missing member of my sister and brother-in-law’s family and once they met him at the shelter, he was instantly part of their household.

Back in 2012, while I was living in DC, my sister and her family visited and I spent the day with them. We took the dog around the National Mall. I mean everywhere: Lincoln, Washington, TJ, WWII, Korean, Vietnam. Frequently, I would take the leash so my sister and BIL could get a closer view of the monuments without worrying about tripping anyone with a hyperactive dog. Odie was quite the crowd pleaser wherever we roamed.

This past year for Christmas, I gifted Odie a sweet little denim vest with a sherpa lining. My sister was absolutely tickled by the gift. Though it has taken Odie a few weeks to get used to his new garment, he now loves sporting it, especially now that the temperatures have dipped. As far as the sizing goes, he is a small-to-medium dog and wearing the medium / large.

dog vest

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  1. This dog had sooo much personality and we love this dog Odie (our Grand Dog)!

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