Tartan Footprint

Tartan is so hot right now. In holiday seasons past, I had to hunt down classic tartan pieces. Not so in 2018. Every brand and it's sister brand has a variety of tartan pieces and I. AM. HERE FOR IT! The plaid has become so common that brands are making tartan pieces in tall. We are [...]

Keys to the Clabaugh Room featuring @antrim1844

Keys to the Clabaugh Room featuring @antrim1844

My husband and I spent the beginning of last week at Antrim 1844, when we stayed in the Clabaugh Room. The room is named for a state figurehead. Per the Antrim 1844 website, "This room is named after George Washington Clabaugh who purchased the property in 1837. His son, Harvey Morris Clabaugh, was elected Attorney [...]

Christmas Cashmiracle

I am really into this cashmere long sleeved tee shirt that purchased last year from the Gap. It is gray, slouchy, and it came in tall. The perfect thing to wear when lounging around the home while still feeling luxurious since it is cashmere. Unfortunately this year, Gap failed us this year and did not [...]

Rank and Fair Isle

This fair isle sweater just arrived at my apartment this week and I cannot wait to wear it in Marblehead next Friday. It is spot on for holiday, perfect for kicking off the Christmas season. While I am not an early holiday celebrator-shamer, I am a purist when it comes to celebrating the holidays. Right [...]

Historic Bridges of the MidAtlantic: Thomas Mill Bridge

Historic Bridges of the MidAtlantic: Thomas Mill Bridge

Last weekend the husband and I wandered out on the Fairmount Park and along our walk, we encountered the Thomas Mill Bridge. I happen to love a good historic structure, bridges included. Did you know that along with HABS (Historic American Building Survey) and HALS (Historic American Landscape Survey), the National Park Service also administers [...]

Wish Blue Were Here

I have a closet full of button downs. Whether they are on the small sized or the larger sized spectrum (because my...mass fluctuates, but isn't the case for everyone...Bueller.... Bueller...), with stretch or static fabric, there is one this all of my button downs have in common. They are all in a tall length. It [...]