Wish Blue Were Here

I have a closet full of button downs. Whether they are on the small sized or the larger sized spectrum (because my...mass fluctuates, but isn't the case for everyone...Bueller.... Bueller...), with stretch or static fabric, there is one this all of my button downs have in common. They are all in a tall length. It [...]

The Shirt Degree

I have been obsessed with shirt dresses lately. I happen to prefer one hundred percent cotton poplin to fabric with the synthetic fibers that allow a garment to move; however the cotton ones with sleeves are just too constricting. There is no way I would be able to get through a workday in one. I feel [...]

Thighs Beware

Y'all, I bought this dress from the Gap as not only was on an amazing promotion, but also I had a bunch of Banana Republic card rewards built up. I love that it was part of the SJP collection and it was offered in tall. Take that Shopping Moratorium 2018. Joke was on me, because [...]

My Sweater Half

Last fall I wrote about the best tall sweaters. There was a cotton cardigan that was so popular that it sold out prior to me even buying one. (Note: That did not stop me from stocking up on the merino wool version.) While I love a merino wool sweater, I cannot help but value cotton [...]

Oxford Blues

I have nearly every color variation of oxford shirt in my closet. It is an obsession. White? Check. Pink and white stripe? Check. Blue? Check. Pink? Check. Blue and white stripe? Check. Oxfords never go out of style. It is a closet staple and all one has to do is find the perfect fit. It [...]

When the Coat Comes In

I am all about the coats. Don't believe me? And when a coat is available in tall, then all the better. Count! Me! In! Did you know that Gap Factory released tall sizes? My world was rocked when I found this out last week! Outlets and Factory stores rarely offer tall sizes; last being J.Crew [...]

Going to the Dogs

Going to the Dogs

My nephew Odie has been in my life since 2010. The Jack Russell / beagle mix was the missing member of my sister and brother-in-law's family and once they met him at the shelter, he was instantly part of their household. Back in 2012, while I was living in DC, my sister and her family [...]

The Satchel of My Eye

The Satchel of My Eye

Christmas came early this year. Foley + Corinna generously sent me a bag I have coveted since I saw Blair Waldorf carrying it during the first season of Gossip Girl: the Lady Tote, albeit in a chic solid black iteration with studded hardware. I have been on the look out for a new black handbag, [...]

#tbt to the Gap European Collection

  I wish there were more available images of the Gap European collection, specifically those available in Fall 2008. I distinctly recall rediscovering the Gap during that time. Unfortunately, the Gap did not have the foresight to offer the European Collection in the extended tall lengths. This effectively made me stick to the standard collection and [...]