Dress Relief

Since I have been on my Sex and the City diet, I have been trying to hunt down a silk slip dress. But not in poly-silk. I am sure you know what I am talking about. The fabric is listed as “satin” or “silk” on the website item description, but when you receive it in the mail, not only does the tag say “polyester,” but when pick it up out of the box, it is an unmistakably cheap synthetic version of the natural fiber. I am just working on restraining my shopping and fabric content has been a great place to start being more discriminatory.

Back to the dress hunt. I initially ordered a black Vince slip dress last summer. I purchased it online from Saks Fifth Avenue and was dismayed when I received it. What is this polyester garbage? The item description called out “silk” as the fabric. Needless to say, the dress went back.

This dress, however, did not go back. In fact, it has prime real estate in my closet these days. I love that it is purple in lieu of black. More spring / summer friendly, less pajama feels. With this coat? Oh, I have been obsessing about it for awhile and finally pulled the trigger when a sale, promotional coupon, and Banana Republic Card rewards aligned bringing the grand total to under five dollars. #chaching







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