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Last weekend the family gathered in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota to say goodbye to a beloved family member. Although it was an especially sad goodbye, I am comforted that there is no more suffering. While I spent many summers and holidays in the lake town, I knew that I would not be returning again. However, I did enjoy sharing my experiences of the town with my husband, as it was new to him. It went a little something like this:

“That’s where the old waterslides were!”

“Our favorite minigolf course is that one!”

“This is the mall with the movie theatre where I saw Armeggedon!”

“I went ice fishing right there!”

“This place has the best pizza and nachos! Pull over!”

Once on the return flight, my husband mentioned that he felt peak family vibes over the weekend. He did spend quite a bit of time shuttling my immediate family and I around Detroit Lakes in a three row SUV. We all had a good laugh when my 6′-4″ tall father struggled as he made his way to the back row. Also when I had to climb from the front passenger seat over to the driver’s side (as to not damage my suede / lucite heels in the snow) and accidentally honked the horn with my butt. The comic relief came at just the right times. Family vibes, indeed.

As I told my sister, we have to allow the experience of losing loved ones underscore the need to make the most of our lives and tell those who are still with us that we love them. I made the most of my last days in Detroit Lakes and a few more memories on the lake thanks to my husband who insisted on a few impromptu photos at the very place where I spent many a summer. 


sweater // skirt // sunglasses // scarf // tights // boots (hiswomen’s version) // watch // bracelet // necklace // earrings // green stone cuff // pearl cuff // black diamond cuff // cocktail ring // his blazer // his pants

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