Summer Whites

I used to have issues finding dresses long enough for my torso. The standard torso measurements on regular length dresses effectively made the skirt length too short to wear in casual settings, let alone in a professional capacity. Let alone the fact htat the designed waistline inched towards my bustline. Sometime around 2012, J.Crew changed the game and began offering the tall option for dresses. My only complaint is that they do not offer the length in enough of the style selections.

white dress

iridescent tote

Prince Charming buckles a Birkenstock
Sometimes Prince Charming will fix your shoe when you didn’t know it even needed adjusting.

I was attracted to the flutter sleeve dress in Eyelet because it reminded me of a 90’s era silhouette. The dress was born to be matched with a pair of grunge-era Birkenstock Arizona sandals, updated with glitter finish, and an iridescent shopper-style bag, which reminded me of something I saw Jessica Biel wearing in a Seventeen magazine editorial back in 1997. Despite the 90’s references, the look does not feel costume-y.

Despite growing up in the deep south where etiquette rules are followed to a T, I do not believe wearing white should be restricted from Memorial Day to Labor Day. This rule is beyond counterintuitive as deep south climate is conducive to wearing white and summer fabrics as long as possible, as Mother Nature brings high temperatures and high humidity from Easter until Columbus Day. If you follow this rule however, the flutter sleeve dress in eyelet comes in an ikat print and a rich red option, the latter of which looks particularly seasonable for autumn while maintaining an air-y layer perfect for a humid September and October. (Both options are on deep markdown, and they are typically offered with an additional percentage off of clearance.)

dress // sandals // sunglasses // rose gold cuff // ring // cable cuff with gold and pearls


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