Countdown to Fall

Y’all, I held onto summer as long as damn possible. A few weeks ago, I packed away all of my warm weather staples and unloaded my fall and winter clothing into our closets. While I was bummed to say goodbye to my spring pastels and summer brights, unpacking the jewel tones and metallics was quite exciting – almost like Christmas in October! One of my readers and I agreed: the best part of the seasonal transition is finding the pieces you caught on an end-of-season clearance and never had a chance to cut tags. I gravitate to classic pieces, so I rarely end up with something that, in hindsight, is tied to a specific season or feels dated.


The second best part of the fall seasonal transition? Reading this piece. I initially read it when it was released in 2009, but you can be sure that it has been always as hilarious to re-visit – and I do – every year since then.

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