Whole30: Week 2

I cannot believe that I am already fifteen days into Whole30. Last’s week lessons still apply, but I have picked up a few hacks that have made my life easier.

Carrying Epic jerky and Whole30-compliant Luna bars at all time are key. A few days ago, we were out running errands and the fiance was getting hungry, and therefore testy. Because we cannot stop at just any restaurant, Chili’s, P.F. Changs, etc. just was not an option. Luckily I threw a bag of Epic jerky in my bag before we left the apartment. Hunger tamed – for an hour or so, at least.bites_completesetMy favorite food to make is a watermelon tomato gazpacho. About five tomatoes, four cups of cubed watermelon, one chopped yellow pepper, one chopped orange pepper, one chopped red pepper, one chopped cucumber, a half cup of EVOO, and a cup of balsamic vinegar in the blender. Do not blend so much to liquify the mixture. Divide into three tupperwear containers and refrigerate. Thank me once you fall in love with this recipe.



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