Meet the Tennis

I was so excited to see the new Lilly Pulitzer tennis collection. As someone who has adopted the country club SUV mom look for her summer 2018 athleisure aesthetic, the idea of this collection appealed to me. I have a pair of pink and purple space dyed leggings from the Luxletic collection and was confident that the tennis collection would measure up in terms of quality.

Unfortunately, judging from the customer reviews, I was wrong. Granted that because the brand does not make a tall or long torso range, I knew I probably would not be purchasing a dress. Due to product feedback, I doubt I will be buying any of the top or skirt options either. I will not go into on the blog, but read up on any of the dress or skirt items.

What do I love? The racquet bag is a Lucindervention must! I have had my eye on a similar Tory Sport one for awhile, but I didn’t love the fabric. Before that, I wanted a Louis Vuitton in the light Damier canvas. They both just seemed a bit heavy and high maintenance though.

Con is that there is only one print available in the style. How cute would it have been to pair it with the Lilly x S’well water bottle?


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