Shopping Moratorium 2019 | 91/274

last... After last week's eBay indulgence (I ended up purchasing five vintage Lilly Pulitzer dresses, each one fitting perfectly), I had to take pause before I allowed myself to further indulge in last week's Brooks Brothers Private Sale. Despite the fact that I attempted to combat the need to shop like a madwoman by simply writing about what [...]

Sartorial Sustainability Sunday: Lela Orr of Project Runway, @designerlela

Sartorial Sustainability Sunday: Lela Orr of Project Runway, @designerlela

last week... Who else has been keeping up with the reboot of Project Runway on Bravo? I especially enjoy the addition of Christian Siriano and Karlie Kloss. The latter is easier to relate to than her predecessor; Heidi lost me circa 2009 when she stated that she found a little bit of an open back [...]

Sartorial Sustainability Sunday: Stories from the Past Month

last week... This week, a round up of articles featuring sustainability in style: "How Sustainable Is Consigning Clothing? TheRealReal Is Glad You Asked" by Steff Yotka via Vogue, April 5, 2019, accessed online April 5, 2019 "Fashion backwards? H&M to trial sales of vintage garments" via Reuters, April 5, 2019, accessed online April 5, 2019 [...]

Sartorial Sustainability Sunday: Michelle Valtas, @Mvaltas

last Sartorial Sustainability Sunday... This week I am excited to introduce Michelle Valtas. I initially connected with Michelle when I discovered her tweets about paring down. I am always impressed with anyone who pursues a more minimal lifestyle. In the effort of wanting to clear out my own clutter, I wanted to chat with someone [...]

Sartorial Sustainability Sunday: Attempting a (Temporary) Downsize

last... In yesterday's post, I shared my husband's and my big news regarding our move across the country. In a week's time, we will be on the road between Virginia and North Carolina, far away from the bed in which I am typing right now and far away from Philadelphia. We already started saying my [...]