Well Heeled

In recent days, I have found so many pairs of chic shoes. Not necessarily designer shoes, but relatively affordable pairs from stores where the typical gal shops. Plaid, velvet, embellished, cap toe, and tartan with ornamentation galore. I credit the holiday for bringing the shoe-tiful bounty.

I will be stalking them for markdowns.

row 1: polka-dot slingbacks

row 2: Mary Jane heel // red tweed heel

row 3: velvet loafers // embellished brocade heels

row 4: flannel heel // leopard cap toe pump

row 5: d’Orsay heel // pink embellished heels

row 6: velvet heel // velvet slingback

row 7: tartan heel // tartan flat

row 8: tartan flat // brocade bow heel

row 9: tartan loafer // tweed slingback

I Call This One, “The Buffet Dress”

Every girl needs a buffet dress. It can have an empire waist or be a trapeze cut. The crucial requirement of the buffet dress is that it is not constricting around the stomach. Not to flex my inner fat gal, but if I know I am going to be going to Qdoba or Moe’s and crave not only a burrito, but also an order of chips and queso, the buffet dress is what I pick from the closet.


Melon Deadly Sins

Right now I am into colored pants. Sign me up for neon colors any day, but especially in the summer and especially if they come in tall. These pants come in tall.

I would wear these with my either my pale blue or lavender Equipment Signature Silk Shirt. There is a reason complementary colors tend to be holiday colors (red and green = Christmas //  purple and yellow = Mardi Gras). These pants with a blue shirt would be summer perfection.


Aqua and Omega

Earlier this year I purchased a sage green Banana Republic x Olivia Palermo flared cuff jacket. I was quite jazzed that it was available in the tall range. Though I found it to run a bit big and I may not have been in love with it, I kept it. At the time, I had not yet procured my khaki trench. Now when it comes to the two options, I tend to go for the more neutral one.

I sincerely wish I had seen this jacket prior to the Banana Republic version. I cannot fathom purchasing two jackets so similar in style and color, and especially given my Shopping Moratorium 2018, I will not. That does not mean I should not share it with you. It hits my big two: it is available in the tall range and it is made of natural fibers (a cotton – linen blend).


Piping Knot

Unbeknownst to her, Mignon Faget and I go way back. Way back to my freshman year of undergrad when one of the gals on the third floor of Bacot Hall loaned me some of her Mignon Faget pieces for a night out. To this day, I still am in disbelief about how trusting she was! I wouldn’t loan my Mignon Faget jewelry to a peer, let alone a Millsaps freshman away from home for the first time, on her way out to a rager on the row.

While I love Mignon Faget jewelry, I always wished that there were more pearls incorporated in the designs. The Tulip Freshwater Pearl Necklace is an all-star of my jewelry box and the minute I received it as a gift in 2007, I knew that I would have a heirloom piece for generations to come.

Recently the brand expanded the Knots and Bows line. I am sure many of you recall the Wire Knot Cuff, which I wore immediately before my wedding and all over Spain during my honeymoon. I think Mignon Faget must have heard my wish for more pearls, as the brand released the Tiny Bow Pearl Necklace, as well as a phenomenal coordinating bracelet to go along with their Twist Bow necklace. I nearly died when I opened the gift box for the Tiny Bow Pearl Necklace – in a good way. Let’s just say, that if I end up with two girls, I now have a second heirloom for the younger one. And if I only have one daughter, well, she is going to get spoiled with some beautiful jewelry.





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