Stripe Dream

I cannot get enough seersucker. Perhaps it is for the same reasons I love madras, white denim, and Nantucket reds: rules dictate that one can only wear these traditional style staples from Memorial Day to Labor Day, no matter the climate. Since the seasons restrict the opportunity to break out summer’s best, I never feel like I get to wear it all enough. When this dress became available in tall during the late winter, I jumped at it.


I have a friend who, circa 2010, made the faux pas of wearing seersucker a few days too early. As he recounts, the occasion was a press event for the nonprofit we worked for; this event was a professional one and called for a suit. While the nonprofit was headquartered in Washington DC, many of the focus areas including the location of this press event, were in the deep south. The temperature and the humidity necessitated something cool and breathable. My friend assumed that being in the south, the rules may be bent; despite having an initial reservation, he wore his seersucker suit.

My friend’s initial instincts were correct. After the press event, he met one of the nonprofit board members: a elderly gentleman who was born, educated, and raised south of the Mason-Dixon line. With a gentlemanly drawl, he stuck my friend with the comment, “I don’t know about you, but my momma taught me that seersucker was not to be worn prior to Memorial Day,” and walked off.

Burn. Consider us educated.

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Shirting Stripe Skirt

I went on a bit of a shopping binge this week. When you see things you like, go after it or risk obsessing about it until you can find it NWT on eBay, yes? I found several things on markdown, along with discount codes, thus I couldn’t resist.


The skirt was also on markdown with an extra percentage reduction. It is available in tall and has an elastic waist, both of which sold me on the skirt. I purchased three sizes and kept the smallest one. As much as I wish it was a result of weight loss, I do believe that this skirt simply runs large. I love that it is made of two types of shirting fabric, much like the cocktail shirt I purchased several months ago. I cannot wait to pair the two for an office ensemble.

The bucket bag was the bag of last summer, no? Perhaps the shape has passed it’s peak, but I do not care. The leather is so buttery soft and the color is so muted that it works as a neutral. As I wrote in a post last summer, I will unapologetically wear anything as long as it fits my aesthetic and I like it. And I not only like this bag, but I love this bag. It is here to stay.

I purchased the shoes on deep discount. I covet everything that Princess Kate wears and as I have written about before, I love her navy blue cork wedges. Yes, I have a similar pair with a lower wedge, but those are not the ones my friend Kate sports. Financially less responsible than I typically am? Perhaps. However, I will not kick myself for weeks to come when I realize that they are no longer available. Unfortunately for you, they are only available on consignment sites; fortunately for you, there are several similar options available.

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