Whole30: Week 1

I am writing this seven days into Whole30 and I have learned a few lessons in regards to adhering to the plan.

Planning is everything. Prior to starting Whole30, I ordered the original guide and the cookbook. The fiance and I designated the recipes of interest with green sticky notes (his picks) and pink sticky notes (my picks). Despite preparing ourselves with the guide and the cookbook, we just did not prepare well last week. With a Trader Joe’s within a mile of my office, and plenty of resources online outlining compliant foods, it was not difficult sticking to the guidelines; however should I find myself in the less fortunate position of working in a food desert, Whole30 would be more difficult to manage.

Rather than being dependent on daily trips to TJs as I did the majority of last week, I decided to do something different for the upcoming second week on the Whole30. The fiance and I visited the Ardmore Farmers Market, followed by the Ardmore Trader Joe’s. How lucky that they are located next door to each other. A marathon meal prep session commenced.

Prior to grocery shopping, we decided to go to Chipotle. (Never go grocery shopping hungry. Or hangry. If we are being honest, fiance was toeing the hangry line. Someone get this guyssome food!) The only Whole30-compliant protein at Chipotle is the carnitas. Aside from the pork, the lettuce, guacamole, pico de gallo, and salsa are compliant. Cue matching Chipotle salads.


While I was getting a pedicure yesterday, I received a text from the fiance requested that I stop at Snap Kitchen on the way home. The young gentleman at the Washington Square West location explained to me that the app has a Whole30 feature that not only calls out the specific dishes that are Whole30-compliant, but tracks inventory at one’s preferred location. This allows one to place an accurate order for pick-up or delivery. Fifty dollars and one ten dollar promo code later, I have stocked our refrigerator with several emergency meals, should we not have time or energy to heat up a meal. Lucky for y’all, I have a ten dollar promo code to share with readers, “LPHI-K37”.

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