Moratorium | 97/268

March was not so good for the Shopping Moratorium. When I look back on the stuff that I bought…well, I feel guilty that I fell so far from my course. It is time to rededicate myself to the cause.

When I was in my last year of graduate school, I started to feel like a hoarder. Enter eBay. While I started selling on the site to lessen the bloat, I soon realized that it was a wonderful and passive way to supplement my income. During a time when I was stretched thin between coursework and a job, I found that between the fifty free listings per month and a Sunday morning-long investment in time, the results yielded enough money to live a just little more comfortably.

Within the past month, I started to get that familiar feeling of once again being a hoarder. Cut to me pulling anything I have never worn – which was an embarrassing amount – and anything I haven’t worn in seasons – fat feels – and listing them. It seems like less of a waste to sell it and sock that money in my Roth IRA.

So what did I buy this month?





tweed skirt



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