Bird Degree

It is no secret here that I love Esprit. Stopping by McRae’s (RIP) with my mom during the spring super sale days when you had to turn up extra early was my method of scoring Esprit items. Emphasis on the sale. Emphasis on extra early. Although it was pretty hilarious that my mom and I were two of maybe fifty people who were in the store.

To this day, I clearly recall negotiating in the dressing rooms with Mom to get the Blueberry Plaid Skort and the Lavender Striped Spaghetti Strap Dress, contingent that the latter was worn with the white cardigan already in my closet. I would still wear either of those pieces today. So classic. My high school style was impeccable. (Toot toot, beep beep.) I don’t take back anything I wore then because what I wore then was so authentic to myself.

I was dismayed a few years ago when I found out that Esprit ceased North American operations. Luckily I found a way to get Esprit into the United States and this is going to be the first dress I purchase.



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