Fighting the A/C

It is cliche to complain about the office air conditioning. Yet, until I brought a few layering options into my workplace, I was a machine at bitching at the constant frigid temperature. Recently my company’s northeast branch relocated to a better grade office building and with that, we lost the ability to adjust the thermostat.

My new workspace in the open office plan includes my very own closet, complete with rod that I can hang clothes on and the capacity to lock. So far, this coat has lived at the office in the weeks following our corporate move. I also kept a cotton knit J.Crew Factory v-neck cardigan that I bought in the summer of 2011. This afternoon, while cleaning out my closet, because #projectpurge, I tossed the long-serving cardigan after spotting what I can only explain away as a pad thai stain on the inside hem.

This cardigan would make a good replacement. 


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