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Last night I just finished reading The List written by Karin Tanabe. I spent an hour after each workday on the elliptical trainer, just blowing through this book. As someone who misses living in Washington DC with nearly every fiber of my being (edit: only about 59% fibers of my being, really), I especially enjoyed all of the District Easter eggs. Oyamel, the ice skating rink on the National Mall, Church Street…they all took me back to the eight years that I will forever look back on with nostalgia.

My favorite character was the protagonist’s sister. I think we could all use a sister like that, or better yet, embody the strong qualities that define Payton Brown.

Will I read this book again? Yes, in addition to being my elliptical book, I think it would be great for a beach read. Do I recommend others read it? Yes, especially it you live in the District now or at least during the Obama years. #thegoodoledays

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The List by Karin Tanabe

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