Call Me Tippi

Has anyone else noticed that birds are trending in a big way? Not so long ago, I posted about a fantastic dress complete with the prettiest bird print. Birds are the next cactus, which was the next avocado, which was the next pineapple? Maybe.

I have had my eye on two sets of earrings which, while they are not exactly out of my budget, are not classic enough for which to justify spending so much money. I have yet to find many more economical brands that have caught onto the trend, save for one, but it is only a matter of time that it trickles down.

clockwise from top left: parrot earrings // feathered bird earrings // parrot earrings // zazu earrings // pink cockatoo earrings // yellow cockatoo earrings // macaw earrings // green bird earrings // teal bird earrings

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