Moratorium | 282/83

What did I buy this month? Well, with a gala coming up for the first week in October, a size six gown (Jesus, take the wheel), and weight loss not going the way I hoped, I bought three dresses in two sizes each.

beaded dress // ruffle strapless dress // flocked dress

My plan was to find one of these dresses that would serve as my back-up in the case that my size six perfection of a gown did not fit the way I hoped by this week. Towards the end of the month after all six of the gowns arrived, I tried on the original game plan gown, and then the other gowns. I should mention that I purchased the other gowns in sizes ten and twelve and two of the above are the same contemporary designer as my original game plan size six gown.

Neither of the dresses of the same designer, two sizes up, fit better than the size six. Each fit smaller than the OG size six. In a way this was thrilling. I was not, however, as jazzed that I had to pay a restocking fee for the flocked gown return. Hashtag racket.

Other than that? Other than some perfection that J.Crew released, specifically this tall skirt in burgundy, I haven’t even been tempted.

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