Bauble Boxes

As important as the jewelry we wear is how we store our pieces. For the longest time (read: nine years), I used a jewelry box that I purchased at the Peters Street Urban Outfitters when I took my little sister there for her eighteenth birthday. Along with an outfit for her (a graphic tee and a vintage red Levi’s cutoff skirt), I bought a jewelry box.

It was veneered in pink silk shantung with delicate beading on the top. Rectangular in shape, it opened on the long side so a mirrored underside and a removable tray divided into four sections. Even after my apartment got broken into and half of my collection ripped, I still loved my jewelry box.

Sadly sometime around the autumn of 2014, I realized the silk was becoming detached from the structure of the box as demonstrated whenever opened. The fabric was also discoloring, turning from pink to burnt sienna.

With that I went on a hunt for a new jewelry box. Antique stores, brick and mortar chains, etc., and I was still unable to find new storage; however, a trip to the online store of Target and I bought the jewelry box that I still use today. It does a fantastic job of keeping everything organized. I love the distressed finish and although it slightly larger than last jewelry box only wish it was larger.

I found a few other options that were not on my radar back then. Even if I had found any of the others, I likely would have still purchased the above option. Unless, of course, I had an extra few thousand that I could blow on jewelry storage and in that case, I would definitely buy the last option in this list.

weathered black jewelry box

stackable jewelry box

deluxe jewelry box


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