Cape Theory

Do you know what is lovely about wearing a cape? Particularly around the holiday season when diets turn decadent and indulging happens at every holiday party, weight gains happen. Waistlines and shoulder lines pull tighter. Wearing a coat while driving may start to feel uncomfortable.

Until the New Year turns and that pounds roll off, I tend to look at alternate methods of keeping warm. Vests and capes are my go-to outerwear. I particularly love wearing the latter to work because even when I am at my desk, I can still feel like I am cuddling up in a blanket. I have two go-to options: a hunter green cable knit sweater and a denser knit camel with black tipping version. Both are ever so cozy and I never regret building an outfit around either.

I recently found a cape in tartan, my print du December. Two tartan options? Indulge in something else other than food and drink, as this is 30% off for the Friends and Family sale.


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