Tall Tweed Blazer

I have been stalking this tweed blazer for the past season. After being released in September, it initially immediately sold out but in an optimistic effort, I stowed the link in my bookmark header. I eventually lost hope and deleted it back in November. I executed a feng shui of the bookmark bar, if you will.

Last night I found that a brown and maroon windowpane tweed Ralph Lauren blazer of which I was particularly fond, had gone on clearance with an extra 40% reduction. I had previously pinned it and a coordinating cardigan to a Pinterest board of mine. Jump to today’s┬álunch break when I could not stop thinking about this crest-emblazoned windowpane tweed blazer. I revisited my Autumn 2018 Pinterest board during my lunch break today, and though the Ralph Lauren blazer I had previously obsessed about was no longer available in my size, something else on my board also caught my eye.

I gave the link to the original black and gray tweed herringbone number circa September 2018 one last ditch effort click, and not only was the blazer available in tall, but it was marked down from $228 to $189. On top of that? The brand is running a promotion. Buy 2 items, get 20% off. Buy 3 items, get 30% off. Buy 4 items, get 40% off.

Cut to me clicking over to the sale page for men’s and women’s, sorting from least expensive to most expensive. One pair of socks for me, two tees for him, and the tweed blazer got my shopping bag total decreased from $200 for the blazer alone to $130 for the blazer and several other basics.

It is only available in tall right now, albeit in a complete size run, at least at the moment. (The website warns of the ever ominous low supply for all of the sizes.) Also available in tall, is the green tweed blazer that I wore in this post; however only select sizes are up for grabs. The website is sneaky as all hell, as it did not pull up the blazer after searching for keywords, “tweed” and “herringbone.” Lucky for you, the link is below.



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