Apples of My Eye

What is better than hanging out with your favorite person ever? Getting to hang out with my favorite person ever (my husband) and my number two (Jamie). I truly lucked out that they get along so well.

In the past few weeks, I have posted photos of myself and Jamie on my Instagram feed. All parties involved find it hilarious when people mistake him for my husband. Comments abound. “You look so cute together!” “Your hubby [Sidebar: That word makes me nauseous.] is so good looking.” “How long have you been married?”

I officially met Jamie only about seven years ago. In the two years prior to our introduction, we went to the same graduate school and as such, traveled in the same social circle and attended the same birthday / Halloween / Jersey Shore-themed parties. It was not until a fateful night in late 2011 that we both landed at the same going-away party for a mutual friend at the second floor of Wonderland Ballroom and bonded over #cherryvodkashots and #dancinghot.

Cut to six years later and he was my bridesman. My side of the wedding party and I were raging out for my bachelorette when he and I were told by a local bargoer that we were so cute together.

Fact. #toottootbeepbeep 










I am aware that my archery form is not….perfect. Looking at the photos, I realize that my left hand looks as though I am trying to shoot with a pool cue and could likely damage or even lose that pointer finger. I am always surprised at how challenging it is to aim and control the bow and arrow. (I guess this explains why the Archery category in my Barcelona Olympics 1992 Sega Genesis videogame was so difficult.) I was shocked at how sore my right shoulder was the next morning. It makes me wonder: do archers only bulk up on their dominant side?

Note: No Jamies were hurt in the production of these photographs. Cut to my husband directing me not to actually aim at him.





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