Sartorial Sustainability Sunday: Carla Arvie, @igotitforchic

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This week, I am excited to introduce you to Carla Arvie. Her Instagram feed initially landed on my radar in early January. I immediately loved it, and consequently her blog. Carla’s content looks like nothing else out there; she is a master when it comes to the secondary market. Thrift shopping is one of the most best ways to be sustainable, as it falls in the “reuse” in the environmental trifecta. (Remember: reduce, reuse, recycle?)

Carla and I went back and forth over email discussing style this past few weeks…

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L – When did you start blogging?

C – After FINALLY giving in to the peer pressure of my friends telling me to do it, I started my blogging journey in late August 2017.

L – Where can people find your blog and you on social media?

C – People can find me at my website and on Instagram @igotitforchic.

Credit: Carla Arvie,

L – Was your blog brand always focused on shopping secondhand? If so, was that the inspiration behind the blog and if not, what inspired you to take that direction?

C – For the most part yes! I fell in love with thrifting in high school. Goodwill was right across the street from campus so it naturally became my favorite thing to do. My mom wasn’t able to do many outings with us because of her job schedule, so she would give me and my siblings each a reasonable allowance to do activities together or to do something we liked. I really enjoyed using my allowance budget at thrift stores. It forced me to get creative with my styling and still in a way that was trendy with what other kids were wearing.

L – While I picked up a love for a good bargain from my mom, it wasn’t until I started looking to digital secondary markets that I grew an interest in shopping secondhand. Does an interest in thrifting run in your family?

C – Only amongst the “ultimate shoppers” in my family. My mom, my grandma, and my auntie Charlena. I’ve learned everything I know about thrifting, bargaining, and garage sales through them!

The concept of thrifting and shopping on a limited budget followed into my college years and my life today. It has become my lifestyle. People are always amazed at what I find and often say, “I need to go shopping with you!” So my blog has become a way for me to make that happen for my friends, and as well for people who appreciate a good bargain.

Credit: Carla Arvie,

L – I love that you show how accessible it is and that it should not be intimidating. I am always so impressed with the looks you put together. In regards to your Instagram – and actually this extends to your blog as well – it looks like nobody else’s feed or site.

C – Thank you so much, it has been my goal to build something that represents my life and sets me a part from other bloggers.

L – Do you have a favorite brick-and-mortar thrift or vintage store?

C – Oh man, if only I could choose. I hadn’t truly experienced vintage/antique shops until my freshman year in college. One of my fave things to do when I’m traveling or passing through a small town is to explore a vintage shop. I find the most original and just the coolest stuff at those random spots. As far as my can’t live without shop, that would be Thrift Giant. I’m guaranteed to leave with a pile of wardrobe goodies there under $60.

L – Do you ever shop secondhand online? If so, where?

C – I haven’t given this a true shot yet. Not going to lie, I’ve been very skeptical about thrifting or buying used clothing online for the last few years. However, seeing people find great scores at stores like Poshmark and Ebay more recently have made me more open to it.

L – I am obsessed with finding items from contemporary lines, like Milly or Tibi, that Blair Waldorf wore circa 2008 on eBay, ThredUp, Poshmark, and TheRealReal. Last year I woke up with a red wine mustache and the judgey Netflix “Are You Still Watching?” screen from the preceding night’s Gossip Girl binge and found that I had made several bids across eBay on items that Blair and Lily had worn in season one and season two of the series.

C – That’s crazy and great at the same time!

L – Do you have any advice for those who might be intimidated by shopping vintage or thrifting?

C – Yes! Honestly just have fun with it. Thrifting/vintage shopping is all about trying out new things and getting creative. Something I always do to is look for some of the most ridiculous things in the store that most people would make fun of or think “No way I’m wearing THAT”! I try on the items and often times I end up really liking one or two of those items. Even more so they end up being a favorite part of my closet after I purchase it.

L – I am sure especially since the majority of people who had seen it, even the first time around, were intimidated by the given article, thus making your closet even more unique.

Who and / or what are your style influences?

C – Karla Deras from the blog Karla’s Closet was the first blogger I ever followed. I was in love with the way she styled her vintage finds and made them look luxurious! Today, I would say I gravitate towards Tracee Ellis Ross, Solange, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Bosworth, and Megan Markle for style inspiration. And I’m really into the street-chic-meets-athleisure look right now.

L – Can we talk about how underrated Solange is? Her wedding pictures are epic.

C – So underrated girl! You get me!

Credit: Carla Arvie,

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