Going Madras

Last weekend I alluded to eBay being the ultimate catchall¬†for the items of which I have passers’ remorse. Lately I have been especially nostalgic for J.Crew of not only days, but decades past. Peak classic prep vibes with a dose of normcore is what I would love to inject in my wardrobe. Of course, I am out on the shopping game this year, but allow me to share the one item in particular that I am eyeing on eBay…


I am craving a J.Crew madras patchwork mini more than anything else for my closet right now. Maybe it is the post-holiday slump or seasonal affective disorder and as a result I cannot wait until the east coast gets an entire twelve hours of sunlight. Or at least a solid nine. Please just give me a solid nine. Y’all, I am dying. Between arriving at work during the six o’clock hour and leaving at the three o’clock hour, although to be honest I usually end up leaving closer to five, is really rough. I only see daylight through the filter of an office window from Monday through Friday. At this point, a punchy madras patchwork skirt is likely the closest thing I am going to get to a healthy dose of vitamin D.

Give me any variation of the madras patchwork mini. I lost track of the many plaid variations of this skirt are available on the secondary market and guess what? They are all golden. I would find a way to wear any one of the colorways, but that is going to have to wait until later. For now, I am going to have to settle on the madras dress that I purchased on one of the last days of 2018.

The aforementioned madras dress is nearly one hundred dollars. I love it, but you can get a madras patchwork mini for one tenth of the price on eBay. Hunt is on.


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