Lavender Love

Were we (and by we, I mean my tall fam) being trolled by not having this blazer offered in tall when it was initially introduced last autumn? Sounds like a similar story to the gray herringbone tweed that was released around the same time, no? Rather than the blazer selling out immediately and later being offered in a full tall size run, this lavender version was never available in tall.

Until this past Monday. Now it is available in a tall size run, as well as select petite sizes. Those in the market for standard sizes are going to have to sit this one out.

This blazer is marked down from 248 dollars to 189 dollars, with an extra percentage reduction. When I nearly broke my 2019 Shopping Moratorium and at a whopping seven days in this past Monday, I would have saved fifty percent off the markdown price. (I was able to resist but more about that down the page.) Now? You can save sixty percent off the markdown price. Um, hey what’s up hello, that is 75 dollars and a mere thirty percent of its original price.

A brief tweed primer: “Herringbone is so named because it looks like fish bones. The direction of the slant alternates column by column to create ‘v’ shapes. The pattern is quite pleasing to the eye.”

Even though it is marketed as a herringbone tweed blazer when it so obviously is just a smooth surface tweed. I nearly bought it. I had this blazer in my online shopping basket but for the first time in a long time, I checked myself before I wrecked myself. Pursuant to my 2019 Shopping Moratorium strategy, I opted to share this fun, frugal find with you, my friends, rather than blasting through checkout in my capitalistic rage.

Blast on.



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