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On the last evening of our Poconos mid-week getaway, my husband and I dined at Glass Wine. Bar. Kitchen. Named in reference to the former use of the building as a glass factory at the turn of the twentieth century, the restaurant pays homage to the building’s heritage not only in name, but also in decor. In addition to the blown glass in the lobby of the hotel, the restaurant decor included historic prints and photographs of the former John S. O’Connor Glass Factory, present Ledges Hotel.

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Upon being seated, we ordered a round of beverages, a Sazarac for my husband and a House Old Fashioned for me. Although it was only six hours since our late lunch at The Dock, we snacked on the marinated olives that arrived with the drinks.


Glass Wine. Bar. Kitchen.¬†offers a tapas-style menu, but with American cuisine. While I have mixed experiences with tapas, I very much enjoyed the dining experience. It was one of the only times I walked away from a tapas meal completely satisfied and full. (Like you have never been to a tapas dinner with girlfriends and had to order Domino’s or stop at the Chick-Fil-A drive-thru on the way home.)

I purposefully started us off with two vegetable dishes as we had a rather indulgent lunch of lobster mac (me) and pot roast (him). Every staff member we had spoken with leading up to our meal advised us to order the brussel sprouts. In addition, I ordered the sauteed kale. Believe it or not, while the remaining dishes were arriving, we took out the two vegetable plates.

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Once I had finished my vegetables (my mother would be so proud!), I dug into the PA pierogies. I just recently tried pierogies for the first time about a month ago and I am not sure if there is such thing as a bag pierogi. Maybe a cold or soggy one? Cold and soggy, these were not. The delicious dumplings were filled with potato, cheese, and sour cream, almost like a three-bite-sized baked potato with a hint of sea salt.

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We shared the shrimp tacos. Three massive fried shrimp in a soft shell with guacamole and pico de gallo on the side got messy. The tacos were so delicious that I did not care, nor did the waitress that witnessed the mole mess I created. I did barter my husband a lamb chop for the last shrimp taco. You can take the girl out of the coast but….

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The husband took out the lamb chops while I was finishing that last taco. At this point, I was reaching the point of full tummy and when he offered me a bite, I had to pass. I resolved that unbuttoning the top button on my skirt would not be appropriate, as we were guests of the Ledges Hotel. I did take a spoonful of the tabbuleh with which the chops were served, once the plate hit the table and I am glad I did when I did, otherwise my husband would have polished that off too.

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He resolved that we would share the brownie and along with a Manhattan, indulged in one last course. Brownies: not just for elementary school parties. This one had a caramel glaze on it and pairing it with a cocktail served up, turned dessert up several notches. Spoiler alert: I was enjoying a big bite before I thought to get a photo.

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