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Did everyone survive the polar vortex? We were getting snow up until two Fridays ago as the weather system moved from the midwest to the east coast. While it was relatively cold, the east coast did not get the below zero temperatures that the plains got. If it is cold enough to make the mechanical gate to my parking lot malfunction and literally freeze close, then it is certainly cold enough to layer on a winter coat.

I stand by shopping off-season for wardrobe staples. I buy my swimsuits over Labor Day weekend and I buy my winter coats over President’s Day weekend. While this would be a complete fail if I had a heavily trend-dictated wardrobe and therefore would be wearing a style that is just especially “this minute” next year, this method is clutch because I prefer a traditional look.

Take the coats below. Because the designs are so classic, many of them have been issued in prior years going back as far as 2008. I can speak to the cocoon coat (which I bought in 2013, six years ago!) and the lady coat (which I bought in 2008), both of which I purchased on deep markdown at the end of their respective seasons. (Sidebar: I spent less than one hundred dollars on the lady coat. The Obama-approved design was such a score.)

Right now, the below coats are marked down. Strike at the right time and you will be able to buy during an additional percentage off promotion and it is one hundred percent worth bookmarking and stalking down sizes – slash – exercising patience and restraint.

first // second (also sold here, on the blog here and here and here) // third // fourth

first // second (on the blog here and here, similar) // third (also sold here) // fourth (also sold here, on the blog here, similar)

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