Airlie, II

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One of the strongest green initiatives of Airlie is the property’s approach to sustainable agriculture. Not only is there on-site farm land but there is also a community garden. Inviting and integrating Airlie guests as well as locals, into the agriculture component not only facilitates time in the outdoors but also promotes healthy eating and nutrition. The fresh air in the Virginia countryside…you just cannot top it.

Harry’s at Airlie is the on-site restaurant and named for the Philadelphian gentleman who established the property, Harry C. Groome. We dined at Harry’s the night that we arrived at Airlie and I could not have imagined a better welcome to the property. It was delicious.

Some of the ingredients that are served on the Harry’s menu come from as close as four hundred yards away from the restaurant. While not everything on the menu was designated as locally sourced, there was enough that both my husband and I found ourselves ordering as such, down to the beer we drank. (Powers Farm and Brewery Plum and Ginger, look into it.)

I think I was still full from the night prior, but found room for French toast, bacon, and eggs, and copious cups of coffee. Meanwhile, my husband made friends with the gentleman manning the design your own omelet station. I have to admit his spinach, ham, and bell pepper design looked pretty tempting from across the table, especially when mixed with toast and sausage links. 

Sincerest thanks to Airlie for sponsoring our stay.

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