My Athleisure

I think we could all use a different kind of athleisure in our lives. While I will not be discarding my leggings anytime soon, I think it is time to retire them from the times when we do not intend on breaking out a sweat. No more leggings at brunch, okay y’all?

Rather than sporting it street in leggings and hoodies, though we can certainly reserve that look exclusively for time scheduled for exercise, I think it is time that we should start playing it prep in cricket blazers and tennis sweaters. Not only are the usual suspects {Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, Brooks Brothers} serving up tennis sweaters, but so are high end brands: Burberry, Alexander Wang, and Off White.

left to right: navy + pink stripes on cream // white stripes on yellow // navy + red stripes on cream

left to right: green + white stripes on navy dress // burgundy + navy stripes on cream (last on the blog here and here and here) // navy + orange on teal

left to right: blue + red stripes on white // green + white stripes on navy (also available in white) // multicolor stripes on white // gold + white on navy

left to right: gold on black sequins // coral on white // black on natural cardigan // white + navy on burgundy (also available in navy, a burgundy vest version, and a gold vest version)

left to right: blue + black stripes on white vest // white stripes on black

And because I am not a complete monster, I included tennis sweaters for the gentlemen too. I cannot wait to surprise my husband with one of these, which he will inevitably, but likely begrudging, sport.

clockwise from top left: navy stripe on natural // navy stripe on white // burgundy + navy stripe on white // gold + navy stripe on white


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