Inner Trustafarian

Concert festivals are not a new thing. There was Woodstock, Altamont (looking at you, Hell’s Angels), Live Aid, Lollapalooza, Lillith Fair (#tbt amirite?), Warped Tour, and my favorites: Bonnaroo and Jazz Fest.

Jazz Fest walked so Coachella could run.

My upper years of undergrad I ran with a rather trustafarian crowd. A friend and I were discussing upcoming plans for the spring of my senior year and along with Mardi Gras and Spring Break, the conversation turned to Jazz Fest which our social circle had plans to go. I replied that I had to miss it that year so I could wrap up my senior thesis. I was working in an archaeology lab that last semester, so editing during the week did not fit in my schedule. I still regret not better managing my time and missing it that year.

OG festival style was nothing like the peacocking that happens nowadays. The thought of a flower crown or a Native American headdress or any of the other thirst traps (is that what the kids are calling it?) would not have even crossed my 2005 mind. The last thing I wore was a turquoise camisole layered over a bright white camisole, distressed to the point they had holes-in-the-knees gray Lucky Brand jeans, and a scarf tied around my head, 1960s-style. I distinctly remember watching the Better Than Ezra set and less clearly, Widespread Panic. Holy shit, that was nearly fifteen years ago. What a reality check.

What would I wear today for any music festival or even just brunch? I think I would make the reference to the original of music festivals, Woodstock, and sport some tie dye. The pattern really has stood the test of time (fifty years) and while it used to be trendy, these days it is a classic.


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