Style Survey // Jamie

Name: Jamie

Profession: licensed architect

Hometown: Richmond, VA





Outfit: shirt: Brooks Brothers // pants: Brooks Brothers // loafers: Cole Haan // sunglasses: vintage RayBan // croakie: Vineyard Vines x Target

Does your style differ from your nine-to-five to your weekend, and if so, how?

I like to joke that even my pajamas are business casual. Most workdays keep me in button downs and ties but on the weekend I like to dress down ever so slightly. Festive socks are a must during the week but I tend to go sock-commando with loafers on the weekends as the weather warms up. Otherwise, the only difference may be a scandalous untucking or dare I say one less fastened button.

Who are your style influences and what qualities about them impact you?

Growing up, my father actually was always perfectly dressed with a timeless and effortless prep infusion. From Izod to Lacoste to even a seasonable Bean Boot, dad was always ready to go. I look similar to my father so its always been fairly effortless in knowing what will look good and what needs a revisit. I do branch out more when it comes to pattern and color.

If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Being in the mid-Atlantic, going to have to layer this one up. Starting at the bottom would be some British tan loafers (with or without tassels), a pair of chinos (really feeling gray these days), a simple patterned button down, and a light accent sweater to round it out and go from morning to night. If its especially brisk I may even throw in an elbow-patch blazer

Who is your photographer and what camera does he/she use?


Where can people find you on social media?

on Instagram @sir_james_norwood

on Twitter @sketchingup

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