Jean Therapy

Save for four five times, I have never worn denim on the blog. Due to weight fluctuations, I tend to not commit to jeans. Thick calves compounded with the fact that skinny jeans have straight dominated the denim market for ten years have made the American staple something that I have not actively shopped for since 2015.

That changed last week. On a whim, I purchased what ended up being the most fantastic pair of denim and have already worn them twice since procuring them, once on the blog. What makes them so fantastic? It is fourfold:

  1. The jeans are available in tall. They also come in standard and petite sizing.
  2. They are a bootcut crop, perfect for the summer and perfect for those with thicker calves. My calves can finally breathe again! I do not think they have done so since high school.
  3. They are available in several different washes and even fabrics. Yes people, we are talking velvet. (A corduroy five pocket version would rock my world though.) Additionally, there are versions with an exposed button fly. I am not into that, but maybe you are…
  4. They are seemingly always on some sort of sale or promotion. Do not buy these jeans at full price. Wait it out, trust. I just bought another pair for 24 dollars.


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