Being Bronstein

One of my favorite episodes of SATC is Boy, Interrupted. In the episode, Carrie dates an ex-boyfriend from high school who, as it turns out, was taking some time off at a mental institution in Connecticut. I don’t mean to mental health shame. Who doesn’t want a little time off every now and then? I feel like I could use a quarterly break, especially when I was spending plus forty hours a week at the office.

My favorite storyline of this episode, though, is not Carrie Bradshaw’s. In a storyline very similar to the Hermes Birken bag / Lucy Liu conflict of season three, Samantha Jones gets her (likely nonexistent, our girl previously mentioned her penchant for going commando) panties in a wad because she was on a waitlist for Soho House. A particularly hot summer in the city, she was bitter because it was a mere block from her house and Soho House would not grant her membership.

After haughtily using the restroom on her way out of the establishment after being shut down for membership and finding a membership card left behind by non other than Annabelle Bronstein, Sam assumes her identity. Throughout the episode we see her using the Soho House pool along with her three girlfriends and Stanford before getting kicked out for her shenanigans.

We have a rooftop pool in our very own building, so no need for a Soho House membership for us. Social distancing requires residents to make reservations to use the pool with attendance capped at fourteen residents at a time. To be perfectly honest, I would have been on board with this policy long before Covid-19 necessitated social distancing.

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