Borrowing from Bradshaw

In the second reference to SATC this week, I took a cue from Carrie Bradshaw in the third season episode Sex and Another City when the girls find themselves in Los Angeles and mixed up two pairs of identical sandals in pink and blue as the series heroine did for a night out. Was she driven to mix as a result of high strung Matthew McConaughey during a development meeting? Or was it from Carrie Fisher (R.I.P) accusing her of being a hooker after getting caught sleeping with her assistant (played by Vince Vaughn) while he was housesitting?


Photo Jul 17, 8 42 57 AM
Credit: HBO

Mix matched Jack Rogers are much more attainable and budget-friendly than the likely 400 dollars a pop strappy sandals that I am assuming she must have bought in two colors.

My denim is available in long. These are my favorite pair of jeans and aside from the same style in white with a frayed hem finish and a darker blue wash with a clean hem finish, the only pair in my closet. The cropped kick flare frees my calves from the constriction of skinny leg denim and the the fabric has enough stretch and give to be able to get in and out of a sedan comfortably.

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