Tall Tuesday: Short Story

Lately, I have not been loving my three inch inseam cutoffs. They were previously my go-to shorts. As a thirty-something mom topping the six foot mark, I just do not think they are appropriate for me to wear anymore. No doubt, I lowered my price per wear for the cutoffs to what seems like pennies, but it is time to retire them.

This summer is all about looking like you are enrolled in summer camp. Tie dye, friendship bracelets, denim shorts. Let’s call it Camp Quarantine. At noon, I will be giving swim lessons on the rooftop pool deck and tomorrow is the camp color war. Team Blue, always.

I looked to the same brand as my old go-to cutoffs when searching for a more modest cut denim short. I initially purchased these shorts in the medium blue wash. What drew me in? The four inch inseam while rolled up. Even better? The six inch inseam when unrolled.

I also purchase the white and the dark blue washes but returned each. While the item description called out a four inch inseam rolled, it was more like three inches. Although I could have unrolled them to a presumably five inch inseam, I returned them out of principle. Those inseams might work for you though! Who am I to dictate what makes a short short and what makes a modest short.

You decide for yourself.

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