Frame + Karlie Denim

Frame is offering thirty percent off white denim across their website, including the 36 inch inseam {white only} Karlie Flare jeans and the 34 inch inseam {white only} Karlie Skinny jeans. Named for the supermodel and fellow tall gal (at 6’2″), Karlie Kloss collaborated with Frame denim to offer these extended inseam styles.

At over two hundred dollars a pair, Frame certainly falls into the premium denim category. As always, I stand by the adage that you get what you pay for. A pair of fast fashion denim made in who-knows-where (PS: demand transparency) is more likely to fall apart than a pair made in America. Rather than succumb to sticker shock, do the math. If you abide by the white denim between Memorial Day and Labor Day only rule (PPS: break that rule), that leaves at least fourteen weeks during which these denim may be worn, faux-pas free. If you wear the jeans once a week, because let’s be honest none of us are chancing drying denim any other way than on a line, and pay 165 dollars for them (conservative estimate after the thirty percent off and sales tax), the price per wear is about eleven dollars. I can admit that still feels steep. However, opposed to styles released by fast fashion retailers, Frame jeans have the potential to last year after year, exponentially reducing the price per wear.

Inseam-wise, I can confidently say that the Karlie Flare jeans have at least a 36 inch inseam. I purchased the Karlie Flare jeans in black on Day as they were thirty percent off. I am so happy that I finally took the plunge. I am 6’2″ tall and the pair looks phenomenal with a two inch block heel.

Notes on the Karlie Flare fit: they are more fitted through the thigh. I went with a size 32. Notes on the Karlie Skinny fit: they are less forgiving than the flare but full candor, I also have a tendency to not love the way skinny denim fits, particularly around my calves. If you don’t know your size in Frame, consider purchasing your typical size and a size up. And as always, check the returns policy.

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