Cobalt Wave Redux

Who remembers reading about how in an effort to protect the brand, Burberry incinerated excess inventory? Who else felt nauseous when reading about the waste? Reading about this atrocity prompted me to do more research about sustainability in the fashion industry and consequently write about it. (Not so) fun fact: next to oil, fashion is the largest contributor to pollution.

While I pulled back from publishing on Sundays, sustainability is something that I have been conscious about ever since I pursued my LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accreditations in the Building Design and Construction and Neighborhood Design categories. While I apply to this to my eight to five in the built environment industry, I also try to apply it to my closet.

I was impressed with Tucker when it was explained to me that the more expensive price point is due to a sustainability-conscious business model. Tucker does not mark down merchandise due to its made-to-order nature. This fights irresponsible overproduction which in turn means Tucker does not need to have sales or discount codes as there is not excess inventory.

This is the polar opposite of fast fashion. Looking at you H&M.

I frequently encourage my friends and family to look beyond a price tag at the quality and potential longevity of a garment. A pricier dress may initially inspire sticker shock, but divide it by the number of times you can expect to wear it. A Tucker garment can be expected to hold up year after year; I know this from experience!

I could not get this Tucker dress out of my head. After becoming obsessed with this fresh blue and white pattern (recently released in additional color ways) and being impressed with the quality the Tucker garments already in my closet, I knew I wanted this dress in my closet. If we are being honest, the dress has spent more time being worn and going through the wash than it has spent in the closet.

The price per wear diminishes every week and that is what I call economical and sustainable.

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blue and white wave print dress (other color ways) // blue and white wave print mask (c/o Tucker, complimentary with any Tucker purchase) // sandals // sunglasses // watch // necklace (old, purchased in 2005) // cuff // nail color

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