Hometown Revertigo

In the classic sitcom How I Met Your Mother, Marshall coins the term “revertigo” as when one reverts back to how they were when they were younger, usually triggered by seeing someone from when they were younger. In the context of the episode of HIMYM, Robin reverted to a lovestruck Robin Sparkles when reuniting with her ex, as played by James Van Der Beek.

Even though I am back on the Gulf Coast, I have no intention on seeing anyone with whom I grew up who is still in town, as all of my friends fled and only townies are left. Nevertheless, my setting tends to trigger revertigo. My top ten list {and two bonuses} on how I see myself regressing, and then a look into my luggage for what I am packing on my extended summer:

  • Watch 2gether
  • Eat a pizza Lunchable
  • Sneak a tall drinking glass full of pink Franzia
  • Shop via catalog
  • Buy a monogram LV Accessories Pochette
  • Nap in the sunroom
  • Wear that one Gap anorak
  • Listen to Enema of the State
  • Wear a headscarf
  • Break curfew
  • Borrow my mom’s Explorer without asking
  • Hit Sonic for a cherry limeade

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