Urban Safari

Back in 2014, I spotted a safari print dress at my local Banana Republic Factory Store. I tried it on and passed on it as it was a bit short for my liking. I experienced the most extreme passer’s remorse on the dress.

Cut to earlier this spring when I uncovered this dress at the Banana Republic online retail store.

Did it have a near identical safari print? Yes.

Did it also come in solid colors? Yes.

Did it come in tall? Yes.

Did I buy it and keep it even though maybe I should have gone up a size? Yes. And I hired a personal trainer. Result TBD.

Photo Jul 26, 10 09 10 AMPhoto Jul 26, 10 09 58 AMPhoto Jul 26, 10 10 54 AMPhoto Jul 26, 10 11 25 AMPhoto Jul 26, 10 11 45 AMPhoto Jul 26, 10 18 52 AM

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