GCD: Frond Off!

I had no idea how exponentially easier it would be to quarantine when one is not confined to an apartment within a building. For one thing, we can leave the confines of our space without needing to walk through the hallways, elevator, lobby, and back. Leaving the apartment for any reason – even to pick up the mail – warrants a shower upon return.

The Pamper Pirate and I were spending days on end inside our home and even though we have a spacious apartment, it was a challenge. Now that we are at my parents’ house, we can wander around the backyard filling our lungs with fresh air with no concerns about running into anyone.

Figleaves gifted me several swimsuits for my extended summer on the coast. Cut to the Pamper Pirate and me living my best life at my parents’ pool for four hours a day and switching over to work (me) / being doted on by the grandparents (Pamper Pirate) for another four hours.

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