GCD: Le Sweat

Once my husband returned to work from paternity leave, I was no longer able to go running everyday. Yes, I could have woken up early and gotten in thirty minutes, but the sporadic feedings and diaper changes through the night made sleep a premium. As such when the chance to sleep in presented itself, I took advantage.

Cut to me working with the same trainer I had pre-wedding. I was at my all time strongest pre-wedding and had a fantastic experience working with Gabby, so two weekly half hour workouts were a no-brainer. A half hour is enough time to work up a sweat, but not so long that I am guaranteed a Pamper Pirate meltdown. And sometimes she incorporates the Pamper Pirate into weighted exercises. Extreme Russian twists, y’all.

I stocked up on Bala gear for my at-home workouts with Gabby, all of which she has brilliantly incorporated into my workouts. You name it and I ordered it. And Gabby subsequently kicked my ass with it.

In addition to the sliders which are exclusively available here, this is what I am working with while I am on the coast:

At home in DC, I have the other weighted Bala bangles in both one and two pound increments (so many colors available, linked below), Bala bars in punch (exclusively available here), and another Power Ring in punch:


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