GCD: Mom’s J.McLaughlin

I took advantage of my last week staying at my parents’ house and borrowed a J.McLaughlin dress from my mom’s closet. I was with her when she purchased it from the Georgetown location, circa 2011 and TBH have had my eye on it to borrow ever since. The beauty of classic brands like J.McLaughlin is that I can wear a style a near decade after it was released and not look completely dated.

The last time I borrowed from my mom’s closet was 1998. She had just purchased a black merino cardigan from the Gap and I decided that I needed it to layer over a white button up. Now that I recall this anecdote, I want to recreate my ‘fit from autumn of my freshman year of high school. Regressing, yet again.

The dress inevitably fit shorter on my 6’2” frame. Perhaps that gives edgy suburban mom vibes, but you know what? I like dressing with an air of subversion.

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