GCD: Nouveau Season

No doubt about it: dressing for transitional weather is tricky. It is even trickier when one lives in a climate that does not experience all four seasons, or at least does not experience them in equal proportion.

Growing up on the gulf coast, I wore “Fall” in eighty five degree weather. I distinctly recall wearing my new Gap chinos as purchased as part of my back to school wardrobe this exact week nineteen years ago. (Wait, what?) It was sweltering in those pants; a pair of cutoffs would have been much more comfortable. Rather than wait to wear something until it was seasonally appropriate according to the local climate, I just had to wear it when the retail calendar dictated.

Due to the pandemic, my parents were not able to meet their first grandchild when I gave birth on the cusp of lockdown back in March. That changed as we decided that the Pamper Pirate and I would spend the autumn on the gulf coast with my parents. I am very lucky that my job allows me to work for anywhere with an internet connection so an extended summer vacation just made sense.

While my husband is dressing for a fall chill in DC, the Pamper Pirate and I are still living our best summer life in the pool, on the beach, eating shrimp tacos (me), and chilled formula (PP). It is still simply too hot to commit to cozy autumnal layers on the coast; nevertheless difficult not to get FOMO about fall clothing.

Cut to the new releases at Roller Rabbit. I just knew I was going to wear this shirt, sleeves rolled up, extra rumpled, over a swimsuit on the pool deck as long as it is warm enough to dip in the pool. While it is light, like a cotton voile, the Isla Guy Shirt color palette reads autumnal and dare I say, Spicoli? It is perfection over a swimsuit now (pants-less Zoom meetings on the pool deck, much?) and will be perfection with the matching cropped pant for maximum matchy-vibes later.

shirt (c/o Roller Rabbit) // swimsuit top // swimsuit bottom // sunglasses // watch // nail color // SPF

Credit: Universal

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