Tall Tuesday: Skirts

Permission to speak? Are we in a safe space? Okay, I have an aversion to pencil skirts. When I am wearing one, I feel like my thighs are bound by a straight jacket. Cut to major chafe, especially when it is hot outside and I am sweating it out on the mean streets of DC. Speaking from experience. Looking at you, summer 2012.

I digress. Give me an a-line or a modestly cut mini skirt any day.

A modestly cut mini skirt translates to different meanings for different retailers. Unless a mini is available in tall, I do not consider buying it. Since shopping has not been an in-person activity for me since the advent of the internet, particularly the internet being the exclusive source of tall range apparel, I don’t even consider skirts in standard range sizing.

All of these skirts are available in tall:

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