Mignon Faget Holiday

Let’s be frank, this holiday season is going to be…different. Parties, if they were at all planned, have been cancelled and trips home postponed. Forget about meeting anyone under the mistletoe or kissing a stranger at midnight. For the better? For most of us.

Instead we are celebrating at home with our immediate circle and meeting over Zoom calls with questionable video quality. As a result, I have foregone subtle accessories in favor of jewelry bold enough to show up on a Zoom call and a socially distanced six feet away, as well as home goods that make our ~1,000 square foot flat in the sky feel as cozy as possible.

While it is an aspirational brand, Mignon Faget is having their Black Friday Sale from 11/21 to 11/30 and offering 25% off storewide, including everything in this gift guide, making the luxe items attainable to the point that you can buy for all of your nearest and dearest. There is something for everyone and these are my picks for those on my list:

for my brother-in-law

Besides his wedding ring and a beaded friendship bracelet I made for him, my BIL, Joe, is not one for jewelry. He and my sister just bought a home and are being ever-discerning about the furnishings and accessories. These cut crystal cocktail glasses will sneak the fleur de lis into this Tennessee Titans fan’s home.

for my mom

For the past five years, my parents enjoyed season tickets to the New Orleans Pelicans. They had to watch the games from their living room this year but it did not dampen my momma’s spirit for the Pels. Mignon Faget offers a Pelican Pendant, and coupled with the Snake Chain, the pair makes for elevated game day gear. Since the pieces are 25% off, I can add the matching Pelican Earrings to complete the set.

for my (guy) BFF

My best friend Jamie, the newly minted associate principal at his architecture firm, spends as much of his time on Zoom calls as he does designing solutions for health care facilities. This tie bar is a nod to New Orleans engineering and design and sure to make a statement, especially when the others on the Zoom call are muted.

for my mother-in-law

Beekeeping was one of my mother-in-law’s favorite hobbies, but due to a near-deadly allergic reaction near-akin to that of Thomas J. Sennett (aka Macaulay Culkin) in My Girl, she no longer practices. The Hive Cuff in bronze is a reminder of her good times beekeeping and also a way to recognize her as the queen bee of my husband’s side of the family.

for my sister

My sister has complimented me on my Mignon Faget Knotted Bow Earrings time and time again, but as the tomboy, Andi never took to pierced ears. Her career as a chef (see @2souschefs for recipes) dictates her preference for delicate jewelry. This Knot Ring is a callback to my Knotted Bow Earrings and also is minimal enough for her to wear everyday and I know she is going to need the Polish Cloth to take appropriate care of it.

for my dad

Most men already have a set of cocktail glasses but a statement pitcher? I know my dad does not already have one and this one is perfect for mixing up margaritas on the deck for friends next summer, provided that they get their vaccine first and science confirms that COVID-19 is in the rearview.

for my teammates at work

Fun fact: I am the self appointed Chief Morale Officer at my company and thus far, I have gotten my team on board with my unofficial title. Though SNL has poked fun at gifting candles in the past, I stand by receiving them. A lit candle is one of the easiest ways to upgrade a space and the Mignon Faget La Nuit version says, “It’s been a tough year and I promise I will not call, email, Slack message, or otherwise bother you while this candle is burning.”

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