Family Jammies

Never before have I ever been into matching pajamas with my family. This year was different. My first year as a momma, I dressed my little family of three in nordic print pajamas. The Pamper Pirate looked as adorable as can be in a zip up sleeper. In effort to avoid pants, I wore a nightshirt, and my husband begrudgingly agreed to wear a pair of flannel pants and a matching shirt.

Do not wait until November or December of next year to prepare your 2021 holiday pajamas. Now is the time to stock up, as the print I fell in love with is on sale and has all of the style options in a variety of sizes available. As such, I picked up the size I anticipate the Pamper Pirate hitting by next holiday. As he is in the 99.4th percentile of length, I played it conservatively with a size 2T. My husband is going to be thrilled that I thought ahead.

Narrator: “He was not.”

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