Stripe + Cape

Sans accessories, the entire outfit is J.Crew. I love this dress, cape, and block heels together. The combination of the tan tipped cape, black and white stripes, and calf hair leopard heels is a call back to the heyday of Jenna LyonsJ.Crew.

the dress

This is not the typical tee shirt dress. The fabric is not particularly soft like a tee shirt. It has no give; in fact I would call the fiber “static”. There is a back zipper. And the sizing is perplexing. I initially purchased this dress in a size six tall. It was too small and it went back to the store. I purchased it later in a size twelve tall, but while the hang tag said size twelve tall, the tag that was actually sewn in the clothes said size twelve petite. I only noticed this after I got stuck in the dress and nearly needed to take a pair of scissors and set myself free. Cut to my husband walking in on me looking like I was trying to escape a super chic striped straight jacket.

About a month after the incorrect sizing debacle, I reordered the dress. Yes, I had to wait a month later because the dress constantly sells out in tall. This time the size twelve tall actually did arrive. Thank sweet baby Jesus.

This dress runs small. Usually I wear a size six tall or eight tall (or medium tall) in dresses. Strangely, the sleeves are disproportionate to the length of the dress as they just are too short. Regardless, I am keeping the dress. Too easy not to throw on for casual Friday. (Shrugs shoulders.)

the shoes

I bought these J.Crew shoes last fall when my pregnant feet swelled up so much that I could not slip on my cap toe block heels and my lucite block heels. I am not kidding; they looked like inflated balloons. C’est tragique!

I went up a size in the shoes to be sure that they would fit throughout my pregnancy. They did and by the time I was at nine months, the leopard heels were the only ones that fit.

dress (via eBay) // cape (old, see below for secondary market options) // sunglasses // shoes // handbag (vintage) // necklace // bracelet // earrings // watch // mask


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