Watch It Now

After years of sporting my Timex Weekender, I finally invested in a new watch. It is one that I am sure some people think is a luxury “starter” watch, but I love it.

This was not a purchase I took lightly. As always, in order to get comfortable with the price, I did the math on how many hours it would take me to earn the watch at my post-tax hourly break down. Though I considered an entry level version, I really had my eye on this one for awhile and even noted the price increases through the years. I picked the dual tone gold and steel so that I could wear it no matter what jewelry I select on any given day. I even considered the small version, but alas it felt too petite for me.

Finally I thought, the sooner I buy it, the sooner I can wear it and start lowering the price per wear. While I procured my at the designer’s outpost in Tyson’s Gallerias, there are options available on the secondary market. As always, if you chose that route do your due diligence to make sure you are purchasing the real thing.

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